An Important Message to All New Dog Owners...
Is Your Dream of Having A Dog Turning into a Nightmare?

You Wanted THIS ...

....But you GOT

  • Your favorite shoes have been chewed.
  • There are holes dug all over your garden.
  • Your carpet is puddled with pee and your floors stained with poop.
  • Your dog runs off in the park and ignores you when you call it back.
  • There are scratches on the front door and chew marks on the dining room chair legs?
  • Next door's cat's been chased into the tree and won't come down.
  • And, now there's a rotten smell hidden behind the sofa and you can't find it.
That dream you had when you first brought your new dog home: playing Frisbee in the park, walking side by side in the mountains, fetching your slippers when you come home tired from work ... it's becoming a distant memory.
Your New Dog is Ruining Your Home and You Don't Know How to Stop It!
And Now, to Top It All, Your Neighbors are Complaining!
Yes, that's right. Your new dog won't stop barking and it's keeping everyone awake at night.
Each time a visitor arrives, the dog jumps up at them with muddy paws and sometimes knocks them over. They're reluctant to return.

You know your dog needs training, but where do you start? Obedience classes are expensive or too far away and even though you've watched some YouTube videos and downloaded some books, they just don't make any sense.

You can't help shouting at your dog and at your family. It's all too much and your relationships are suffering.

I remember what it is like, that feeling of failure because your dog won't behave properly; the exhaustion from being constantly on edge wondering if the neighbors will complain, or visitors will be pounced upon; the never-ending cleaning;  the kids toys, clothing and shoes destroyed;  chair legs and skirting boards nibbled; waking early every morning to let the dog out for its toilet before it does it on the kitchen floor, just waiting for you to step into as you go to make your morning coffee ... And the arguments in the house as tensions approach breaking point.

Your partner gives you an ultimatum ... Get the dog to behave or get rid of it.
"And just as I was reaching for the number of the dog shelter, I discovered the simple secret strategy to a well-behaved dog...."
The solution had been staring me in the face. A few simple tactics that would boost my confidence being a dog owner, show me how to understand my dog better and encourage good behavior.

My stress, my suffering, my shoes and my carpets could be saved.

Those weeks before I discovered this secret were hell on earth and are burned in my memory. I wish I'd known the secret to successful dog rearing back then. I've made it my mission to help other new dog owners, just like you, get all the help you need right from the get-go, so you can enjoy your new dog to the full, with none of the stress, mess, or sleepless nights.
 I'm Katie Crofts and for the past decade I've been caring for, and training, rescue dogs. During this time, I've learned a trick or two and have now developed a system to help new dog owners train their dogs in all the essential obedience commands, quickly and effectively and eliminate destructive behavior for good.

It wasn't always this way. The day I brought my first dog, Barney, home was chaos and it remained that way for months. It was a never-ending nightmare of chewed shoes, ripped cushions, my favorite flowers dug up in the garden, and a minefield of poop and pee to maneuver through on my way to the kitchen each morning.

My husband had died and I'd been thrown into single parenthood. What with school runs, full-time work, bills to pay, home repairs, supporting my children through their grief and coping with my own grief too, I didn't have the time, the energy or the money to sign up to a puppy school. YouTube became my friend  and I spent hours watching  experts, implementing their suggestions and discovering the tactics that worked, and weeding out those that didn't.

It was a long struggle but I got there in the end.

Good owners deserve good dogs and  as I look back on my own struggles, I want to help new dog owners circumvent those difficulties and skyrocket to success.  That's why I've created Puppy School 101 – it's not just for puppies, but is there to help newbie dog owners learn from my mistakes and benefit from my experiences to make rearing their own dog a calmer, more focused and more organized experience.
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could Have a Happy, Well-Behaved Dog
Here are just a few of the benefits of training your dog in basic obedience commands:
  • Stronger bond between you and your dog.
  • Stop destructive behavior.
  • Burn excess energy.
  • ​Give mental stimulation.
  • ​Have a happy dog.
  • Make sure your dog stays safe.
  • Keep your dog (and you) fit and healthy.
  • Stay on good terms with your neighbors.
  • ​Rescue your belongings from harm.
  • Have oodles of fun along the way.
Just Think How much easier, happier, and better things will be when You have a well-Behaved Dog who will do as it's told and won't destroy your home.
For a lIMITED time only....
 I'm Opening the Doors To
Dog Obedience 101 
Whether you have a Puppy or an Older dog, you will get all the essential Secrets you need to know to prevent your dream Turning into a Nightmare: from bringing your dog home, to planning its obedience training, keeping it healthy and Contented, and creating an everlasting bond.

There's no better way to start life with your new dog than following these tried and tested methods.
Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get at Dog Obedience 101 ...
 Dog Obedience Training: Decoded
This e-book makes it easy for you to teach your dog to respond correctly to the essential obedience commands so you never need to worry about your dog's behavior again. It also gives you the strategies you need for fast, effective house-training and helps you to stop your pooch digging up the garden or barking at the neighbors.

With this e-book you'll be able to:
  • Stay in control of your dog at all times
  • Develop correct and clean toilet behaviors
  • Put a stop to destructive behavior
  • ​Keep your dog safe
  • ​Teach your dog how to learn
Then you can relax and enjoy your dog knowing that it is not going to destroy your home, won't bark incessantly at the neighbors, will behave properly when you meet other people and animals, will respond to your commands and will stay safe under your guidance....
Let's Talk Pooch: Dog Behavior Unravelled

Your dog can't speak English, but it can still tell you what it needs. A raise of an eyebrow, the position of its tail, showing its teeth, leaning against you, licking your nose, are all ways to communicate in the doggie world - you just need to interpret the meaning.

In this e-book, you will learn all the main ways a dog uses to communicate with other members of its pack and be able to unlock the secrets to being a dog and better understand his needs and desires. It will help you build a stronger bond between the two of you.
Quick Start Guide to Caring for Your Dog

New dogs never come with instruction manuals, so this Quick Start Guide gives you a checklist of shows all the basic things you need to consider to get started ... from food to socialization to when you need to take them to the veterinarian.
Basic House Rules Checklist

Success comes with planning, being organized and being consistent. One of the keys to success with integrating your dog into your household is setting out house rules and the whole family sticking to them.

This checklist covers the areas you should consider when setting your house rules and gives you an easy way of logging your rules so the whole family is moving in the same direction.
Dog Training Planner

Giving your dog a routine is an important factor in successful obedience training. Introducing commands in the right order is equally important as it will help your puppy to learn more quickly, and make your life so much easier.

This Dog Training Planner lets you organize your dog's day and give it the consistency and the discipline it needs. You are given the exact sequence you should introduce each command. As you track your dog's progress, you can enjoy watching it grow into a loved member of your family and never feel stressed with having your dog in your life.

And, That's Not all. Today, I'm giving away some exclusive bonuses You can't get anywhere else!
11 Top Tricks Your Dog Will Love To Perform  Bonus #1 (Worth $9.50):
11 Top Tricks Your Dog Will Love to Do ...
... shows you how to teach your dog some simple tricks that will not only prepare him for advanced commands, but will help you bond more deeply with your dog, stimulate its natural desire to learn, will give you hours of fun together, and will make you the envy of your friends.
Survival Guide: Bringing Home a Rescue Dog
Bonus #2 (Worth $12.50):
Survival Guide: Bringing Home a Rescue Dog ...
There is something very karmic about giving a rescue animal a second chance. When you go to the animal shelter, you may fall in love with a puppy or an older dog. It may be a pure bred or a mongrel. Whatever you choose, you are unlikely to know their background and the traumas they have faced. This book highlights the special needs of a rescue animal and guides you how to help them grow into a loving, confident, happy member of your family.
Exclusive Facebook Group Lifetime Membership  #3 (Worth $27/month):
Free Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group
You never stop learning and there is so much we can learn from each other. Our exclusive Dog Obedience 101 Facebook Group is a community where we share our knowledge; can learn new skills; get up-to-date information on canine health, welfare, behavior, and advanced training techniques; we help each other with the day to day questions on raising our puppies and older dogs to be happy, healthy, well-balanced and well-behaved members of our family. It's the perfect place to ask questions, share tips, get the answers you need, and to make some new friends along the way.

This Amazing Offer Won't Last Forever, So Grab Your Copy and All the Bonuses NOW Before the Offer Ends. 

Dog Obedience 101 will:

*Strengthen the bond between you and your dog

* Show you how to Prevent behavioral problems

*Help you Put a Stop to Destructive Behavior

*Give You the Secret formula for Successful Obedience Training

* Help You Keep your dog fit and healthy

.... and above all ....

*Let you and your Dog have hours of fun together!

Sure, you could find much of this information elsewhere, if you have the time and the money to spend, but Dog Obedience 101 has brought all the essential Tips and Tricks into one place that is easy to understand and implement.

 You won't find anything elsewhere so convenient, straightforward and comprehensive ... for the price!
My friends tell me I'm offering Dog Obedience 101 at too low a price and they are trying to persuade me to raise the price to the true value. soon I will, but for now I want to give you a ...
limited time offer!
And what's more, I want to offer you a no risk guarantee ... If you are not completely satisfied with your Dog Obedience 101 within the first 30 Days you can claim all your money back.
So what are you Waiting for? ... Your Dream is just around the corner ... and it's lovable, loyal, furry and well-behaved.
Soon you can be enjoying life with your dog, stress-free: with your favorite shoes intact; no holes in the garden; no puddles on the carpet or stains on the floor; no scratches on the front door or chew marks in the furniture; and your cat will be asleep on the sofa just like before with no fear of being chased. What's more, when your neighbors call round, it's to borrow a cup of sugar and not to complain about the noise! 

And, that dream you had of owning a well-behaved, happy, healthy dog can soon come true.

-Katie Crofts

 Testimonials From Some Dog Obedience 101 Alumni

"We were kept awake all night by the yapping of puppies. The following morning we found them abandoned in a semi-built house. We gave them a home and with Katie's help raised them to become loving and obedient members of our family." Jon 
"We had to move abroad for work and wanted to take our new puppy Suzie with us. Katie fostered her while she was getting all her travel vaccines and by the time Suzie joined us a few week's later, Suzie was house-trained and knew 3 of the essential obedience  commands." Pete & Mo
"Snowy was about 4 years old and living on the street when we decided to adopt her. She was very timid and difficult to handle, but once we understood the secret to training her, she developed into a loving and loyal companion." Angie
Yes! Russell, I'm Ready To Purchase! EVERYTHING You'll Get When You Purchase The AMAZING Offer!
Yes! Katie, I'm Ready To Purchase!
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • ​Dog Obedience Training: Decoded ... discover how to teach your dog essential obedience commands, learn the strategies for fast, effective house-training and stop your pooch digging up the garden or barking at the neighbors. ($14.99 Value) 
  • Let's Talk Pooch: A Beginner’s Guide To Dog Behavior ... unlock the secrets to being a dog, better understand his needs and desires, and build a stronger bond between the two of you. ($14.99 Value)
  • ​Quick Start Guide to Caring for Your Dog ... here's the instruction manual to get you started. ($4.99 Value)
  • Basic House Rules Checklist ... an easy way to plan for your new dog and keep the family on track. ($4.99 Value)
  • ​Dog Training Planner ... logically organize your training in this interactive scheduler. ($4.99 Value)
  • 11 Top Tricks Your Dog Will Love To Do ... have fun with some cute tricks that will make your dog happy and your bond stronger. ​($9.50 Value)
  • Survival Guide: Bringing Home a Rescue Dog ... know how to understand the special needs of a rescue dog and help it grow into a happy, healthy, confident member of your family.   ($12.50 Value)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Lifetime Membership ... ask questions, share experiences and find invaluable support in the group. ($27/month ($324 per year) Value)​

Total Value: $390.95
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